Angle of Attack…

Stealth Books® is an aggressive new publishing imprint, created to leverage emerging technologies in printing, distribution, and communications to provide smart books to smart readers.

Our fundamental operating concept is summed up by three core assumptions:

#1 Our target audience is at least as clever as we are.

#2 The book business is undergoing a profound transformation.

#3 Mainstream publishing is neither our model, nor our competition.

Hard-line traditionalists in the industry believe that we are witnessing the collapse of the book market, but the available evidence suggests otherwise.  The book market is not collapsing.  It’s expanding rapidly, and it’s evolving just as quickly.  For perhaps the first time in history, the greatest opportunities in fiction publishing are occurring outside of the boundaries of the traditional publishing industry and the major bookstore chains.

Stealth Books will capitalize on this opportunity.  We will make a clean break with the legacy publishing model, and operate completely outside of its sphere of influence.