Target Audience

We publish smart books for smart readers.

Our authors are tired of being told that readers can’t follow more than three plot threads.  They’re tired of being informed—in highly circuitous language—that readers aren’t intelligent enough to comprehend technical details or complex story lines.  They’re tired of being asked to dumb down their books to avoid overtaxing the (allegedly) feeble minds of average readers.  They’re tired of being advised to pitch their writing to the lowest common denominator.

The world is complex, messy, and incredibly interesting.  Fiction should reflect that.  Our authors refuse to insult the intelligence of our readers by trying to craft stories that are simplified and easy to digest.

If you pick up one of our novels, we can’t guarantee that you’ll enjoy it.  Some people don’t like our books, and you may well fall into that category.  But we can promise this much…  We will do our best to engage and challenge your mind.

Anything less would be a waste of our time, and an insult to your intelligence.